Visual Media Computing
Research Lab

About Us

The Visual Media Computing (VMC) Research Lab belongs to the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of the Cyprus University of Technology. The VMC lab carries out research in the areas of digital image processing, computer vision and virtual reality applications with emphasis on:


Biometrics with emphasis on age invariant face image interpretation and age progression

Egocentric Vision applications

Virtual/Augmented Reality applications

3D reconstruction, visualization and virtual restoration of cultural heritage artefacts

Non invasive multi-modal human computer interaction

Interpretation, visualization and restoration of 2D and 3D image objects that undergo appearance variations

The lab was first established in 2007 with the name “Image Processing and Synthesis Research Lab”. The initial set up of the lab was supported by a Cyprus University of Technology Start Up Research Grant awarded to the Lab Coordinator. In 2013 the lab was renamed to “Visual Media Computing Research Lab”. Since its creation, members of the Lab participated in several externally funded projects. These projects involve cooperation with local and international partners both from academia and industry.

The VMC Lab is part of the Social Computing Research Centre (SCRC) of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Since 2017 the VMC lab cooperates closely with the  Biometrics for Smart Human-centred Emerging Technologies (BIO-SCENT) Research Group of the CYENS Research Centre of Excellence.